About Us

The path that Ianiro Alutek has taken is amazing everyone, even who among us has tried, liked and strongly encouraged the project. In 2007, deliberately returning from a wonderful experience working in the field of construction of aluminum trusses, we were wondering if we could create a team of reactive work, detached from bureaucracies and procedures, which until then had considered their friends as their only customers. We wanted enthusiasm and empathy, we wanted to convey enthusiasm, to find solutions, to innovate where possible, to strengthen the relationship with our customers.

From the very beginning the quality of the project showed us that, despite having to face issues and problems of 'youth' company organization, the setting was very comforting and efficient. Our old friends followed us, they incitated and encouraged us, they made us feel their trust tangibly. Above all, they requested us new solutions because they relied on our experience. Luckily, for daring, we have gone beyond the simple construction of aluminum trusses, we have proposed successfully unconventional custom products in countertendency to the thought that had accompanied us for many years in the reality we came from.

Tailored solutions
combined with the implementation of our range of standard aluminium products, was a winning combination that allowed us and our clients to economize and easily realize modular structures apparently of complex construction.

The entire range of Alutek products is supported by the engineering team and the sales department, always able to interpret at best the needs of the customer, providing not only the usual adjustments for modules, but concrete and outstanding solutions and custom made products on demand, always aiming at the best results, creating with our customers a work experience of extreme high level.

3 New TV Studios in Fiumicino
Alutek realized 3 brand new TV Studios in Fiumicino
A new TV studio project
TV Studio - IPNA Teleradio Moldova - Chisinau
Anyway, you can still see
Alutek has developed a new transparent cover...