Design & Research

Aluminium truss, synonymous of leightweight modular structure of easy usage. Ianiro Alutek adds design to its by giving it a perception of leightness by its style.

Ianiro Alutek designs and produces a wide range of innovative products to build and stage your space.

Technological high load capable structures with fancy and futuristic look always keeping the highest level of quality and safety.



Low pressure casting End plate

 Ianiro Alutek has introduced in the market the truss with end plate connection obtained by a new technological low pressure injection process.
Compactness and reliability are the main features of this essential component of the truss, subject to extremely high loads and stresses.Complete absence of air bubbles in the casting, lightness and uniformity of injection elevate the quality standards of our range

Quality of our product

 Not only applied technology, but extreme attention in the selection of materials: aluminum truss Ianiro Alutek technology is complemented by a careful purchase of raw materials. The welding silicon, the end plate obtained by technology of low pressure casting, the selection of wireworks leaders of the market always guarantee the highest quality and most reliable and safe product.


 The Ianiro Alutek truss and the welding process are certified by qualified laboratories and technicians in the industry. We work closely together to continuously improve manufacturing processes, assembly lines and set-up of machinery. Custom bespoke structures with dedicated structural project can be certified on request.

3 New TV Studios in Fiumicino
Alutek realized 3 brand new TV Studios in Fiumicino
A new TV studio project
TV Studio - IPNA Teleradio Moldova - Chisinau
Anyway, you can still see
Alutek has developed a new transparent cover...