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Railtek Studio & TV


The many collaboration and experiencies with several companies from the Video and Studio Production ' led us to devise a new system of rails, carriages and accessories for the movement of hanging components within the Studio.

Requirements of production have changed. The big broadcasting programs and shows in broad casting are flanked by more and more, emerging formats that use different forms of visibility: satellite, digital terrestrial television, Web TVsimple video production for the web network often produced in few square meters.

Based on these experiences and issues , we decided to realize Railtek: not just a track system able to suspend equipment, backdrops and cyclorama but a new compact system designed to support any element: the profile obtained guides can accommodate trunking, handlingand several special applications.
RailTek is suited to the needs of large studios, , but its great modularity makes it also ideal for fitting in small and medium spaces.

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